Theme of 2022: New Beginnings
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Programme #1 Making Waves

In this programme, evocative explorations of folklore, experiences of childhood in the anthropocene, ecology, aging, and the power of memory come together in the context of international landscapes and an innovative mix of film and media techniques.

The Curtain Call Jim (Justin Wood, USA)
A Morsel of Love (Helia Behrooz and Sana Norouzbaki, Iran)

The Seismic Properties of Cloud Computing (Max Oginz, USA)

Triboro (Nate Dorr, USA)

Journey of Rainfall (Michael Varney, Wales)

Shift (aimée king, Wales)

From time without beginning (Lorenzo Gattorna, USA)

A Simple Life (Danielle Zorbas, Greece)

Occurrences of Questionable Significance (Dave Lojek, Poland)

Programme #2 Rembering Waves

This selection of short films presents poignant and probing observations of everyday life, considerations of the relationship between human and non-human, and explorations of landscape meet in an eclectic mix of creative shorts that range from absurd to poetic, tender to philosophical.

Forest Language (Jonathan Onsuwan Johnson, Thailand)

Cracked (Mahmut Taş, Turkey)

Techne (Ina Tsampouli, Wales) filmmaker in person

Meadow (Taylor Paul Ervin and Stephanie Jeeun Kim, USA)

Fair Winds and Following Seas (Alina Tretinjak, Austria)

Upwards Tide (Daniela Zahlner, Austria)

Patrycia (Victoria Koberstein, Germany) filmmaker in person

Gibber Eidolon (Charles Chadwick, USA)

Programme #3 Life Cycles

Looking holistically at cycles of life, this programme presents animal points of view, perspectives on care, work, and motherhood, to spaces of dream, death, and afterlives. Using disparate techniques including mindblowing photochemical film experimentation, in-depth documentary, and beautiful narrative images, these films create connections from the intimate to global, the everyday to the cosmic.

Content warning: the end of the programme features flashing imagery.

There will be a short intermission following Cysylltiad (Connection).

Following the screening, Star of the Sea will transform into a social space with drinks, DJs spinning international tunes on vinyl, and abstract visual projections.

(DJ Wax Paper; visual projections by Phil Layton)

Between the Leaves and the Crow (Iolo Edwards, Wales)

Time Crystals (Abinadi Meza, Mexico)

Summer Letter ( Louis Heilbronn, USA)

A Psychogeography of mourning (Shayna Connelly, USA)

Cysylltiad (Connection) (Mared Rees, Wales)

Mothership (Sarah Lawton, Wales) filmmaker in person

Mothertruckers (Paula Romero Gonzalez, UK) filmmaker in person

Le Rêve (Peter Beyer, Germany)

Imagine None of this is real (Nicole Baker Peterson, USA)

Film Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales.

Tonnau Short Film Fest aims to screen works by established artists as well as students, exploring the theme of New Beginnings.

New Beginnings may refer to shifts in ecological thinking, new landscapes and connections to place, or more radical and utopian notions of social change. It can also refer to new kinds of narratives and the stories we tell ourselves. We are waiting to be surprised by unexpected ideas and forms.

Submissions are now closed! If you have any questions send us an email at:

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